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Inspired by my lengthy yoga practice, and my deep fascination in meditation and religious studies, I decided to embark on an inquisitive journey to India and Nepal, hoping to learn more about their spiritual traditions.


A 10 minute meditation is the work I produced about my trip to these distant lands. 


It consists of 10 analogue photographs, presented in the form of postcards:

Each postcard is 10,5 x 14,85 cm long and weighs around 300 g. 


Each postcard is accompanied by a hand printed text on its back side. In the texts,  I reflect on my experiences surrounding my travels from the standpoint of photography, memory and observation.

More about distribution here

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 19.31.27.png

A Ten Minute Meditation / 2023 

Series of 10 postcards with text

Fine Art mixed with hand printing

10,5 x 14,85 cm 300 g each

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

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