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© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou


Only available on a Desktop 

 Claire Bamplekou (b.1989) Athens, Greece



Ongoing       I am selling some limited prints at

                       Le Flaneur 

                       Prinsengracht 260 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands



End of 2022   Pilgrimage to India and Nepal

9 April 22      From Stage Fright to Limelight, Auction

                        Dead Darlings #14 x TBC

                        Heimathafen Theater in Berlin, Germany


  April 22       From Stage Fright to Limelight

                        Publication by Dead Darlings in Berlin, Germany


15 March 22   Art Stands for Ukraine Fundraising Event

                        Wijnhaven in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

11 March 22   Ukrainian Solidarity Fundraiser

        –                The proceedings from the sales of the event will go to helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland

12 March 22   MONO in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


15 Oct. 21     B A L A N C E  , Solo show with George Kostoglou

     –            Curated by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos

 2 Feb. 22       Huize Lydia in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


8 Oct. 21       Participating at the x Hectobar Auction

                      Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, the Netherlands



  Oct. 21       My short story "Through the flower fields" is published at the Rietveld Journal # 4

2 Oct. 21       The launch of the Rietveld Journal #4 will take place between 14:00 and 20:00 at

                      Fanfare in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


 9 Jul. 21      Clarisa, Issue #2, Group show,

     –           Online Exhibition Platform

End Sept. 21

 7 Apr. 21      Instability and Precariousness, Group show

     –           Curated by Loosen Art

14 Apr. 21      Millepiani Gallery in Rome, Italy


   Apr. 21      Instability and Precariousness

                      Publication by Loosen Art in Rome, Italy


12 Feb.21      Love for Sale: Alles moet weg?

     –           Dead Darlings #13 x W139 x Stampa 

14 Feb. 21      Online Group Show and Auction

                      W139 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  Dec. 20      Simulacrum magazine is publishing my meditation notes on their issue 'Levenswerk'                                    

9 Dec. 20    Simulacrum's issue "Levenswerk" Launch event

                     Theatre Perdu in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


29 Oct. 20    1,5 Meter Hou Afstand, Group show

       –          Sound Light Color Atelier in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  1 Nov. 20


25 June 20    My work "The Vase" is auctioned on Instagram as a part of the

       –          LARp x Hectobar #9.1 Online collaboration

26 June 20

19 June 20    Online lecture about my art piece "All I ever wanted was coffee"

                      Curated by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos, Marjan Derksen, Hania Sobolewska at



    May 20     My visual poem "Matyi" is published at Rietveld Journal #3


29 May 20    My meditation notes are broadcasted at

                      Rietveld Radio 14:00 - 19:00 (Dutch time / GMT+2)


15 May 20    Photographs of my artwork "All I ever wanted was coffee" are distributed at

                     De Nieuws Hoop - Corona Editie #3



2011 - 2016     BA in Art and Design

                        The Large Glass Department

                        Gerrit Rietveld Academy

                        Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008 - 2009   Foundation in Art and Design

                        Chelsea University of the Arts London

                        London, United Kingdom


2009             ABC Level 3 Award in Visual Thinking

                        Chelsea University of the Arts London

                        London, United Kingdom

© 2020 Claire Bamplekou

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